Future Outlook
For Your Patients, An Unmet Need Remains For An FDA-Approved Agent1,2

Treating R/R PCNSL Remains a Major Area of Unmet Clinical Need2

  • Currently, there is no accepted standard of care in R/R PCNSL3,4
  • A fundamental challenge for R/R PCNSL research is to effectively prolong durable response while minimizing toxicity2,5-7
    • This is particularly important for elderly patients, who face poor prognosis and difficulty tolerating many treatments

What Stands in the Way of Making Progress in R/R PCNSL?

  • Lack of prospective, multicenter studies1,2,4,8
  • Low number of eligible patients1,2,4,8
  • No standard of care1,2
  • Understanding of PCNSL pathobiology is not well established1,2,4,8

Ono is rising to the challenge

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